Soul Kiss by R.J. Thompson

I would consider this to be in the Erotic Romance genre. Because of this it is only appropriate for ages 18+ . I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
The book begins with the prologue opening us up to the realm of Gods and morals mixing and we are told that the story is full of love, hate, revenge, denial, and a love conquers all attitude. We meet Arcaeus who lost his love Thalia to his God Apollo as a sacrifice. The next individual we meet is Arianna who coincidentally happens to stumble upon Arcaeus in the moonlit forest. The writing is very descriptive about the lustful feelings that she feels for this man. She does not know him but he insists that she should remember him. Months later she is unable to determine whether their encounter had been real or all just a dream, after all how often do we stumble across a man in the forest who looks like Greek God? Arianna and her best friend are off to Greece for a 3 month trip for their job at the Manchester Museum in the Ancient Cultures department. Arcaeus continues to haunt Adrianna’s dreams and he feels that she is his lost love reincarnated. He is quickly gone from her mind as she is thrust into a double date with some Greek locals. But once again her dreams take over while getting ready for this date when a beautiful woman appear in the mirror to Arianna who turns out to be herself wearing a pendant on her neck (that looks all too familiar) and black ribbons on her wrists. It is the Ancient Greek pendant she had found with a plea to Aphrodite that is the similarity between the reflection and real woman. She encourages her to “protect him and save his soul”. Can Arianna be Thalia reincarnated or is her love for Ancient Greece causing her to have these dreams?

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