Superi: Reborn by Clint Thurmon and Christina Williams

     If you’re looking for a new take on the fantasy adventure genre, I’d suggest reading Superi: Reborn by Clint Thurmon and Christina Williams. Many years ago a mad scientist created a new kind of creature by mixing the blood of those that were already in existence. As soon as the child, Tristan, was created it was stolen away by a mercenary who raised him as her child. Unfortunately she died, and he and his brother Set were raised by their parent’s best friend, another mercenary and a telepath Jacob. After Jacob’s daughter is kidnapped to become a slave he is joined by his own son, Davad, Tristan, and Set to bring her home. 

      This journey will rip the boys from their comfortable lives and thrust them into manhood. I had trouble getting into this book at first. There were lots of new places and words that were not really explained for quite awhile and it didn’t hold my interest, but I kept reading and found myself being drawn to the actual characters more and more, especially the main character of Tristan and his younger brother, Set. The authors show you various points of view in this book, and sometimes that got a little confusing as they would switch from one paragraph to another. I didn’t realize this book was the first in a series and was pretty upset when I got to the end, thinking how could it end when it’s really just beginning?! Then I learned there will be at least one more book and my anger subsided…a little. I’d recommend this book to teenagers older than 13 as their is quite a bit of violence and death, and any adult who enjoys fantasy or coming of age stories. I give it four out of five stars! Purchase your own copy here!books/cnec

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