Impulse by Shane Hall

A world where noise is illegal? Sounds pretty unbelievable, but that’s just the kind of world shown in Shane Hall’s “Impulse” (book one of his Feedback serial) which is set in a dystopian future where any excessive noise will get you arrested, including singing! When brilliant inventor Freya goes missing after a meeting with Jack (the Grand Mogul…yeah that’s not menacing or anything), it’s up to her friends Eric, Winona, Will, and Janet to figure out what happened to her.

This book left me…feeling pretty blah. I didn’t care about the ending or any of the characters. I was hoping for a thriller where I couldn’t put it down, but this book felt like a drag to read. The premise was interesting enough, but readers are never told exactly WHY the noise ban is in effect. Maybe that will be answered in a later book, but I for one will never know because I have no plans to read more of these books. The book did begin to pick up towards the end, but not enough to justify me giving this more than two out of five stars. I would say teenagers (over 12) would be the target audience for this book, and although most young adult books would also appeal to adults I do not think this one meets that criteria. If you’re interested in making your own opinion on this book, you can purchase it from

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