Review: “The Universe Between Us” by Gissel Brito

The Universe Between Us by Gissel Brito
My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Being abducted by aliens would be a nightmare, and that’s just what Eliza experiences in “The Universe Between Us” by Gissel Brito.  After leaving work one night Eliza is whisked away to a strange new world, Zaoni, where she is held prisoner and used for many experiments.  Poor Eliza must overcome a great deal to try and save herself from this horrible new reality.  The only hope she has comes in the form of attractive alien, Anzu, but he has his own obstacles to overcome.  Eliza intrigues him and he decides to do what he can to save the girls from their fate.

This book started out a bit slow, picked up in the middle, and then dragged at the end.  I feel like it could have been tied up much sooner, although there will be a sequel so I guess things would never be fully tied up.  I really liked reading Eliza’s thoughts, and cheered her character on, whereas I got bored of the other characters.  Anzu was interesting at first, but ended up sounding like a whiny teenager.  If Brito was going to switch between different characters, some only for short time, I would haved like to see some from Iris, Eliza’s sister.  I think that the bond between sisters should have been explored more from both sides, instead it kind of turned into a rather tedious love story (which I feared the entire time I was reading…). Due to the language used in parts I would recommend this book to older teens.  Out of five stars I gave it a 2, and as much as I enjoyed Eliza’s character, I do not intend on reading the next installment of this series.  

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