Review: Talking To Luke: Haunting Gets Personal.

Talking To Luke: Haunting Gets Personal. Talking To Luke: Haunting Gets Personal. by Diane Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Things are changing for Tania. First her roommate/best friend moves out, then she gets a new job, and finally she starts dating a new guy. Oh yeah, and she’s befriend a ghost! Luke was a confederate soldier in the Civil War but after a fatal gunshot and some hungry rats, he has been left to wonder in the in between for years but after seeing Tania everything changes. Between real world and supernatural struggles Tania must remember who she really is to become happy once again.

Talking to Luke by Diane Ryan had a little bit of everything to keep me entertained. In the middle I felt like the Luke character got a little lost in between all of Tania’s relationship troubles, but the ending (though totally unbelieveable) was a nice way to tie everything off. I even enjoyed the afterthoughts, even though it switched to Luke’s perspective – it actually left me wanting more from his point of view. I would recommend this to mature readers due to some sexual scenes and some language. Fans on supernatural romances would enjoy this one a lot! I gave it four out of five stars and look forward to seeing more of Ms. Ryan’s works.

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