Review: Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop

Marvelry's Curiosity Shop Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop by John Brhel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Odd tales linked to an even odder store run by famed magician Mr. Marvelry (that’s Marvel-rye thank you very much!) From fertility dolls to a sewing machine, all the objects in this shop have some special secret that the new owners will discover, whether good or bad. Some of these stories were actually pretty scary to think about while others were more suspenseful, but they all kept me intrigued. I especially enjoyed “Echo’s Reflection” about a mirror that possibly shows you your future, and how it affects an engaged couple. My least favorite story (and why I didn’t give this the full five stars) was “Martinus’ Mannequin” which was the only story I had a hard time getting into. I really enjoyed the little times when characters popped up in other stories, or they mentioned something from another story, these little offhand comments always made me smile. I would definetly read more tales about Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop!

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