Review: The Color of Cold and Ice

The Color of Cold and Ice The Color of Cold and Ice by J. Schlenker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Told from various points of view with the interjection of the meaning behind the chakra colors, “The Color of Cold and Ice” is a story about how different people’s lives intersect, affect, and change each other. On one side there’s Sybil and Clark, a husband and wife who run a coffee shop. Sybil is very close to her widowed sister Emerald and her son Chad, who help at the coffee shop but have recently decided to take some time off. On the other side is Dr. John Gray, his wife Allison and their two children. Dr. Gray has become disillusioned with his life, and Allison’s OCD tendencies are beginning to wear on them both. Allison’s brother Mark is an unaccomplished musician who is ready to make something out of his life.
Between some chapters Schlenker interrupts the narrative to add in chapters as if told from a color’s perspective. I find that these interruptions, though sometimes interesting, really took me out of the story. I also didn’t understand why they were so consistent at the beginning of the book, then almost nonexistent towards the end. It almost made it feel like I was reading two different books. Between Sybil’s intuitive dreams and my own deductions, I found this book to be pretty reliable and had found no real “twists” or “surprises” which, for me, made the book a bit tedious to read. I did enjoy reading Mark’s chapters the most, I think the book should have focused more on his character and less on Sybil. It’s not that her chapters weren’t interesting, they just seemed more of an afterthought to also bring Dr. Gray into the story more. Overall I gave this book a three out of five stars. I think J. Schlenker does show some promise, and with more focus could come up with much more solid storytelling.

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