Review: Love With Abandon: The Death of GRUNGE

Love With Abandon: The Death of GRUNGE Love With Abandon: The Death of GRUNGE by B Skilinski
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The world was shocked when Kurt Cobain frontman for Nirvana and poster boy for grunge, died. He was so popular it’s no wonder people are still discussing his life and death some twenty years later. In this short comic, “Love with Abandon: The Death of Grunge” the last few days of Cobain’s life are fictionalized with all the names changed. Though the names are different (Kurt is now Dean Dillon), anyone who knows about Cobain’s life will recognize the characters for who they really are. From his relationship with his wife, daughter, bandmates, and even fans you quickly see how sad Dillon is underneath all the fame and is using drugs to cope. Though this comic didn’t really share any new information, it was still enjoyable. I enjoyed the artist’s style, and I thought it worked well for this story about a grunge musician with it’s somewhat blurry lines, and erasure marks. At only 34 pages this is a quick read probably best for Cobain fans. Mature audiences only due to language and drug use. Overall I rated this 3 out of 5 stars, I liked reading it but there was nothing very “new” about it.

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