Review: Christmas Morning: A Cape Harriet Novel

Christmas Morning: A Cape Harriet Novel
Christmas Morning: A Cape Harriet Novel by Roma Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zadie and Pete Strathmore expected business to be slow around Christmas time at the Rising Tides Inn, so they are pleasantly surprised when their rooms fill up. Sandhya and James are at a critical moment in their relationship, but to move forward James will need to win the approval of her estranged tween daughter. Dylan is a wounded soldier who can’t forget those he lost and just wants to have a quiet holiday until local baker Cathy catches his eye. FInally, Muffy and Trey are newlyweds who have brought their baby for the trip, but Muffy seems uninterested in the baby and no one understands why. Each person staying at the inn has their own issues they are dealing with but between Pete’s hospitality, Zadie’s delicious cooking, and the approachability of the people of Cape Harriet each will be able to figure them out.

This is the second Cape Harriet novel I’ve read and I liked it just as much as the first. Ms. Brooks really makes you feel like you’re another guest at the Rising Tides Inn. Including the recipes really made me happy as all the food always sounds so delicious! This is also the perfect time of year to read this book as you will really feel the holiday spirit by the end and ready to tackle any one of the delicious recipes you just read about. So sit back with a cup of Zadie’s peppermint hot chocolate and get to reading!

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