Review: If I Wake

If I Wake
If I Wake by Nikki Moyes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lucy has the worst eleventh birthday imaginable, the only saving grace is that night she dreams of a boy named Wu – her first real friend. She lives for awhile with Wu during caveman times and feels a concrete bond with him and his sister. All too soon she is ripped away to her present, where she had been in a coma. Now she looks forward to her birthday every year as it’s the only time she can see Wu (or Will as he’s now known). Every time they meet Lucy must save Will and his family from some catastrophe, and then comes back to her own sad life waiting for the next visit. As Lucy approaches her seventeenth birthday she begins finding Will more often, and deciding that her current life may no longer be worth living. Can Will help Lucy find a life worth living?

When I first began reading this book I was worried it would be similar to Gayle Foreman’s “If I Stay” – luckily it was very different. It was interesting to read the historical moments from a different perspective, although I did loose a bit of interest when it came to the future storyline. Ms. Moyes did do a good job of tying everything together from the past, present, and future. I would suggest a little editing as I noticed some grammar and punctuation errors. If you’re interested in historical romance, I would suggest giving this one a try it’s a different take on the genre that’s quite enjoyable.


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