Review: Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back

Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back
Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back by Shaquana Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aniya has a hard life. Her mother is a crack addict, her boyfriend may be cheating on her, and now some drug dealer has moved into her house and is giving her the creeps. It doesn’t seem like things can get much worse, but unfortunately for her they do. Not only does her mother almost overdose, but Aniya gets some unexpected news that will change her life forever. The only person she seems to be able to rely on is her new neighbor Nancy, who may not be all that she seems.

A nice, quick read I enjoyed this book in parts – mainly the mother/daughter storyline which I found quite believable and heartbreaking at times. Aniya is a sympathetic character, and of course it’s easy to cheer for her when things go well. I would have liked more from Nancy’s perspective as she was a whole pot of crazy that I was wanting to dip right into. It was nice to see all the problems solved at the end, but it all seemed too neatly tied together. I rated this four out of five stars.


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