Review: The Heart to Kill

The Heart to Kill
The Heart to Kill by Dorothy Place
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah has her life planned out, she’s going to finish law school and do everything she can to make her father proud of her. Upon receiving some devastating news about her old high school friend Jo Beth, Sarah makes the decision to return home and it changes her whole life. Now Sarah will do everything she can to help Jo Beth, but how much can she accomplish before her own world crumbles?

This was a very emotional read, especially due to Jo Beth’s horrible circumstances. Ms. Place really helps set the mood for the Southern town with all the hospitality on top, but darkness lurking underneath it all, reminiscent of “The Garden of Good and Evil.” Sarah’s relationships between her parents is also very interesting to see how they change from the start to end of the book. I rated this four stars, and look forward to seeing more work by Dorothy Place.

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