Review: The Second Time Around

The Second Time Around
The Second Time Around by Amanda Jayde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Lina needs to get away. She grabs her best friend, Jasmine, and takes her back to the infamous resort where 5 years ago Jasmine met the love of her life. It’s been so long, surely Falcon has moved on, right? Think again.
Right away the two start back up with the hot and heavy relationship, but there is only so much of a “fling” that these two are willing to take.

A super cute story that is very hot all over the place. Literally. A quick, easy read that flows nicely. The relationship between these two catches your attention, but I definitely want to know what happened 5 years ago. They touch on certain parts (no pun intended) but I want the full story. There’s humor, love, drama, jealousy and the beach; what more could you want in a story. Beautiful love story.

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