Review: What Lies Beneath The Flowerbed

What Lies Beneath The Flowerbed
What Lies Beneath The Flowerbed by D.M. Thornton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gray Knight is a typical school teacher by day, but by night she’s a serial killer. Along for the ride are her two ride or die best friends Jaz and Andi. Each has their own reason for going along with the killer plan, but the main one being they’re just helping take out the bad seeds one kill at a time. They pick their boy toy victims for a reason, they are all rapists or abusers of some kind. After the girls have their fun with them they end up buried in Gray’s flower garden, which is spectacular by the way. Gray knows she’s won’t get caught because she’s methodical, precise, and clean just as any person suffering from OCD would be, but when police detective Jett Roman starts coming around Gray things start going awry. Is it true love or does Jett have ulterior motives that could alter Gray’s life forever?

At the beginning of this book there is a warning of what’s to come, and to not continue if you’re squeamish or prudish, among other things. I am neither of these things, but others should definetly take heed because this book is filled with gore, sex, and more. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! D. M. Thornton has filled these pages with believable characters that all have valid reasons for their demeanors. One thing I didn’t enjoy in this book were the slang words thrown in (like “redonkulous”) they always took me right out of the book because I had to roll my eyes. I don’t know if they were to remind us that Gray works around teens or what…but they just felt out of place from her. I also felt like Gray was smart enough to figure things out a little sooner, but I guess she was distracted. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to seeing the next book from the male’s perspectives!

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