Review: Tales of the Troupe

Tales of the Troupe
Tales of the Troupe by Rob Dinsmoor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New York is one of the top places in the country to hone your comedy chops, and that’s just what Rob Dinsmoor did with his troupe, Chucklehead. In this quasi memoir/short story collection he recounts his years as writer and sometimes actor holding nothing back. Mr. Dinsmoor holds nothing back and shares memories that are happy, sad, embarrassing, and hilarious. As the stories evolve so do the characters as they grow older and sometimes wiser. I appreciated the fact that Dinsmoor let us see the ugly side of things, ie his alcohol consumption, the drug use of others, and even the fights between members. Sure, they were the best of friends but even that can bring out the worst in people and Dinsmoor wasn’t afraid to show it or tell it. There were quite a few names thrown around and sometimes it made it a bit difficult to remember who was who. I also felt the flow of the story was a bit shaky at times, but the beginning and end were quite strong. I gave “Takes of the Troupe” four stars.

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