Review: Love in the Middle

Love in the Middle
Love in the Middle by Barbara Lieberman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sam has recently recovered from cancer and a divorce, while Annie is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and a breakup. They have been friends for years but kept at a distance, but now that they are both single maybe the timing is just right. Although they are no longer spring chickens, can their love still blossom and grow or will it wither before the seeds are fully planted?

I thought this book was very charming. It was very sweet to read as the love story between Sam and Annie unfolded, and it seemed honest too. They weren’t trying to rush anything and just wanted to let their feelings unfold naturally, they’d both been hurt in the past and their trepidations showed. Sometimes I think that books forget about letting their characters be real, but Ms. Lieberman has no problem showing the good and bad parts of her character’s lives. I was sad when the book ended because I kept wanting to read more! I rated this a four out of five stars and would love to see a continuation of Sam and Annie’s journey.

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