Review: Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee by Roma Brooks
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Four friends made a pact, no matter what, to meet again twenty five years in their future. The time has come for their reunion but they are hardly even friends anymore, can the magic of Cape Harriet help reunite their bond?  Readers are introduced to Alisha, a determined doctor, Dana, a pampered country club mom, Izzy, a bombshell Hollywood lawyer, and Vivian, an unhinged book editor.  Izzy gathers her old friends for their silver jubilee at the Rising Tides Inn run by the caring, good natured Zadie and Pete Strathmore.  Told in present day, with glimpses to the girls’ pasts readers are shown how these four became friends and how their friendship deteriorated due to time, family, work, and maybe even betrayal.
For me, returning to the Rising Tides Inn is like a welcoming hug from your favorite relative. You don’t get to see them all the time, but you always enjoy it when you do.  Reading “Silver Jubilee” is no different, Ms. Brooks mixes the women’s stories well with added dashes of our favorite Inn proprietors as if she was churning out some of Zadie’s own delicious recipes (which are included). My only complaint was the ending was a little too quick, the loose ends were tied up within moments and I wanted to read more. I thought the epilogue should move forward in time a bit, like a couple years, just to see how everyone was doing but maybe Ms. Brooks is saving that for another time.  I rated this book four out of five stars.

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