Review: Little Treasures

Little Treasures
Little Treasures by M.J. Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chloe has just found out that she is the last living descendant of the Thomas family. She didn’t know she was adopted until recently, upon the unexpected death of her adopted parents. Now she has inherited the Thomas house, which needs some work. Her fiance, Guy, is excited by the prospect of restoring the house and finding anything of value left in it. Meanwhile Chloe has discovered a box of small trinkets belonging to her true family and she immediately feels a connection to each and every one. Between alternating chapters readers are introduced to Chloe’s long gone family and all their secrets and are witness to changes in Chole herself.

When the first time jump happened I was very confused, but by the second one I couldn’t put it down. The Thomas family’s past is full of secrets, lies, and death. The chapters with Chole weren’t very long, which I appreciated because I was always wanting to jump back into the past. There were lots of twists that I never even saw coming and the ending had me thinking “Wait…what?” as I looked for more to read. Great book, I’d rate it four out of five stars!

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