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Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past by Lauren Carr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First I would like to say that I am super happy that I got a chance to read some of Lauren Carr’s books. I had no idea what I had been missing. Gnarly is probably the best character and I loved being in their works even for just a little while.
Archie and Mac get even closer in this book and it has a very pleasant ending. Archie has some in pleasant connections to the mob and has been hiding under a different identity this whole time! Archie really kicks some butt in this book, which I just assumed in the last that she was a high maintenance woman. This is a great book and I loved the mystery.

The narrator has a great voice and I loved the different characters he was able to display!

Interview with Dan Lawson!

Were you an audiobook listener when you were younger? Who are some of your influences?
Yes, I’ve been listening to audiobooks since the early 90’s. Things have changed dramatically since then. It used to be that every fantasy series and thriller had to be narrated by an elderly British gentleman. My influences are far more current. MacLeod Andrews, Holter Graham, Michael Kramer, Pat Fraley and of course, Scott Brick.
How do you chose the style of narration for a book?
I try to let the material guide me. I read the entire book through and never utter a word of it aloud. I let the characters, setting and tone of the book ferment in my brain for a few days. It’s simply amazing how the writing directs the narration. Once characters start popping up in my mind I write them down and I usually record a small sample to remind me later.
Do you have a routine before you start an audiobook?
I do! Once I have been selected as the narrator I start my research on the book. I look up the author’s web page and read reviews and commentary on the book. I like to see what the reader’s think of the different characters. After I read the book I like to chat with the author and ask some questions. Then I break the book into sections. I read through the material I’m going to record the night before and make distinctive notes in the margins. I do it the same way every time.
Do you get emotional when narrating an audiobook?
Absolutely; with every narration. connecting to the material is essential for the story-telling. The better you connect to the material, the better the overall narration. Books effect me on so many levels. Sometimes I will sit quietly in my studio after a narration session and think about what I have just read. When I was narrating, My Bad Tequila, by Austin Rico I had to stop narrating for the day because I couldn’t stop crying. The story is semi-autobiographical. There was a scene (I will not spoil it) that just destroyed me. There are also times that I laugh so much that it takes several minutes to regain my composure.
Are you currently narrating an audiobook?
Yes I am. I am currently narrating Eagle Ray, by Devin Riggh. It’s a young adult adventure story. It’s a coming-of-age story and it has a lot to do with sailing and diving, which happen to be two things I enjoy. I was narrating just a couple of hours ago and the writing made me want to be on a 22-foot slope heading out to Catalina!

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