Review: Gone with the Wings

Gone with the Wings (Meera Patel #1)Gone with the Wings by Leena Clover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meera Patel is a 20 something college dropout who know works at the local university’s library. She had a bright future ahead of her, but for some reason she has changed course. She still lives at home with her grandparents, father, and younger brother while her mother has been missing since she was 7 years old. In her free time Meera loves to cook, especially with her best friend Becky and often finds herself helping out of the cafe Becky works at, she is also close with owners Jon and Sylvie. Her other best friend, Tony, works at a gas station and always has her back even when she is a suspect for murder! Just because Meera and Prudence never got along doesn’t mean anything, even if one time Meera did threaten Prue’s life…she obviously didn’t really mean it! It’s going to be hard to convince Prue’s boyfriend of that, but Meera’s friends and family are ready to help her no matter what.

This was a fun, easy book to read. Ms. Clover has created a bunch of very likeable characters and it’s a joy to read their interactions. Food is at the forefront of this story, and sometimes it did almost take away from the mystery aspect. I would suggest not reading this book on an empty stomach! Luckily many recpies have been included at the end of the book. My favorite part of the book was the relationship between Meera and her grandmother, what a great character! I look forward to reading more of Meera’s adventures and rated the first one four out of five stars.

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