Review: The People We Hate at the Wedding

The People We Hate at the WeddingThe People We Hate at the Wedding by Grant Ginder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Told from alternating points of view, Grant Ginder’s “The People We Hate at the Wedding” is not a happy story. Siblings Eloise, Paul, and Alice are all in different points in their lives and don’t seem to even know each other anymore. Their mother, Donna, has been keeping a secret from Paul about his father (now deceased) that will break his heart and only Eloise knows it. Alice is still recovering from her own mishap and lives in a haze of Klonopin and alcohol. Eloise hopes her impending wedding can bring her family together, but it may just drive them further apart.

Until everyone arrived in London, I was very much immersed into the book. Once they arrived I found my eyes drifting off the pages more often, I wasn’t interested in them rehashing all their problems again I was ready for them to work on fixing them. When that finally seemed to be happening the book ended! None of the characters are very likable and some are even downright anger inducing (Mark, the doctor Paul works for, any of Eloise’s friends) but I did feel empathy for the family for their various hardships. I rated this book three stars out of five.

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