Review: Victorian by Jordan Elizabeth

VictorianVictorian by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Celeste and Weronika meet at a counseling circle, though they seem to have nothing in common they become friends, and they get jobs at a local Victorian faire together that happens to be haunted. Celeste is excited to have a friend, as things have been hard for her ever since her dad left. Weronika can see ghosts, and doesn’t mind telling anyone who will listen, as long as they don’t question who the ghosts are. Both of these girls have secrets in their pasts that they are trying to hide. Will working at the faire help them move on from their own past, or will they be as stuck as the ghosts?

I really enjoyed the relationship between Celeste and Weronika, but could have done without the whole Victorian faire. I feel like they story could have been done just as well without that part, every time they were at the faire the book became predictable and I feel like nothing was really added to the story. This is a slow book, but it’s rewarding to finally find out the girls’ truths though I would have rather read more about the aftermath of their honesty. I normally enjoy ghost stories, but most of the ghosts in this story felt more like a hinderance. I rated this a three out of five.

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