Review: The Dead Game

The Dead GameThe Dead Game by Susanne Leist
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Oasis, Florida seems like the ideal tourist location, a quaint town, with a downtown filled with cute shops…but you can’t go out after dark. Shadows roam around the town at night and residents keep their windows and doors closed to the unknown, tourists and others have gone missing never to be seen again. Linda has recently moved to Oasis to reopen the bookstore, immediately she bonds with the fellow “new” residents of Oasis who also own shops in town. One night they are all invited to a party at End House, an abandoned mansion with a haunted reputation. Arriving at the party will change everyone’s minds about what they thought they knew about “quaint” town and hopefully they can make it out in one piece.

I had high hopes for this book. The beginning was a little slow to get into, but once they party started the horror began. I was really into the book for three fourths of the way and then it started to get more and more ridiculous. There was about five different endings, every time one “bad” guy disappeared another one showed up! I can handle that about one time before I’m rolling my eyes at these characters’ luck. This is just the first book in the series, and I feel like maybe some of these reveals should have been saved for future books, instead of just slapping them on the end of this one. I would have enjoyed this book much more if the ending hadn’t had so many different reveals, and because of them only rated this book 2 out of 5 stars. I’d still be interested in reading more of this series though, because I did enjoy most of the rest of the book.

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