Review: Searching for Audrina

Searching For AudrinaSearching For Audrina by Kathryn White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After losing his father, stepmother, and stepsister in a fire Adam hasn’t had an easy life. Things were not made easier after his other stepsister was ripped away from his life but her “famous” pet doctor father. He’s never forgot about Audrina but has no idea where to find her until suddenly all the pieces start fitting together and she’s much closer than he could have ever hoped. Adam just hopes that Audrina will be willing to accept him back into her life, and maybe even her heart.

I didn’t realize this book was a short prequel of another book that hasn’t been released yet. It did a good job setting up Adam as a character and filling readers in on his background. I’m hoping the next book will tell more about Audrina’s past. Although the ending of the book seemed a little rushed, I still really enjoyed it and rated it four out of five stars.

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