Review: Corners

CornersCorners by Corrina Austin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Davy has been having a pretty boring summer. While his mom works full time Davy spends his days at summer day camp and the pool, but after one bad decision Davy is banned from both for the last couple weeks of the summer. Luckily, a new older friend named Ellis is around to help watch him and show him how to have the most exciting summer of his life. One of their favorite projects of the summer are making corners, special places for people to be. As the summer ends, Davy must face changes. Ellis has to go back to her father’s and there’s a new man in his mom’s life, but the things he’s learned over the summer will stay with him forever.

This book was so engaging! I really felt what Davey was feeling, and stayed completely engaged in this story. I liked the way the story was told, by Davey telling his youngest son about the summer that changed his life. The parts of the story in the present did not detract from the past parts at all, and worked to connect the whole story. Davey’s relationship with his mother was also very real, and relatable. I rated this book five out five stars, and would recommend it to anyone young adult and up.

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