Review: Beautiful Mess

Beautiful MessBeautiful Mess by John Herrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Del Corwyn is a has been. After his one Oscar nomination and some bad movie choices, his acting career has pretty much ended although he’s always looking for his big comeback. Making a splash in Hollywood has become quite different than what Del remembers from his own youth and although he has maintained his youthful look and charm, he is no longer in demand. Things begin to appear pretty bleak to Del until he meets up and coming starlet Nora Jumelle. She is new to stardom, but appears to have the looks and talent to back it up reminding Del of one of his good friends from years before, the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Can these two survive Hollywood or will they both be forced out of the limelight?

I enjoyed this book and found Del to be quite charming. Sure he has his faults, but he usually owned up to them and tried to fix any mistakes he made. Nora was less likeable, though I did feel sorry for her at times. I kind of thought there should have more told of her backstory to maybe help show how she got the way she was. I kept waiting for some big reveal but it never really came. It was fun reading Del’s interactions with Ms. Monroe, who is popular still to this day. I thought Mr. Herrick did a good job in portraying her myriad of emotions in only a few chapters. My favorite part of this book was Del’s romance, which was sweet and finally showed he was ready to mature. I rated this book four out of five stars.

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