Review: Autumn Hearts

Autumn Hearts: A Cape Harriet NovelAutumn Hearts: A Cape Harriet Novel by Roma Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two new couples have arrived at The Rising Tides Inn for a romantic week. The first couple, Mark and Sharon, have been married for a number of years and are trying to reconnect. Mark is a successful pilot is away from his family more often than not, leaving Sharon to raise the kids on her own. She is unhappy and is ready to leave Mark, but Mark is hoping their vacation can change Sharon’s mind. The second couple, Mason and Eve, barely know each other. They were married after only four hours in a quick Vegas ceremony and have come to the inn for their honeymoon. Mason seems very smitten with the beautiful Eve, but she seems to be hiding secrets that could end their marriage almost as quickly as it started. As always our favorite inn proprietors, the Strathmores, are around to provide insight and delicious food to their guests.

Another Cape Harriet novel, another happy reader here! I always enjoy my visits to the Rising Tides Inn. The only compliant I had with this book (besides it making me hungry!) was I found the ending a little predictable. There were still some nice twists that kept me on my toes though and I appreciated that. Also the Cora subplot seemed a little tacked on just to give it a “Halloween” feel, but I appreciated the thought. In “Autumn Hearts” Roma Brooks has given readers a sweet love story about finding love and keeping it. I rated this book four out of five stars.

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