Review: Escaping to Love

Escaping to LoveEscaping to Love by C.M. Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evangeline has finally had enough. She has been enduring abuse from her sadistic husband for four years, but is finally ready to put her plan of escaping into motion. Settling into a new small town, immediately Evangeline (now Lainey) is drawn to town sheriff, Tanner Coleman. As much as she desires him, she knows she must keep her distance but how can she when he is everywhere she turns. Meanwhile Tanner is also drawn to the new woman in town, but he senses she has secrets she is hiding and he is determined to find them out and protect her no matter what. When Evangeline’s husband finds her, they will all be put to the test for survival.

I quite enjoyed this book. It was an easy and quick read and I liked that the characters acknowledged how quickly their feelings came about. Normally in these type of books they fall in love quickly as if that is the norm for everyone. Evangeline seemed a little too playful in some parts after the abuse she had experienced, but it was nice to see she would be able to move past it too. I would have liked to read more about Tanner’s past, it seemed odd that he wouldn’t have a woman in his life or any to really speak of. I rated this book four out of five stars, and give a trigger warning for some abuse scenes. Definitely for adults only!

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