Last Words by Sam Mariano

Last Words (Morelli Family, #7)Last Words by Sam Mariano
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the last book of the series and I am so sad. I loved this series and looked forward to each new book coming out. I will tell everyone not to be sad as there will be new books in this universe such as spin offs! (Yay!)
Rafe is a very mysterious man, he was very convincing in this book and at the end he really had me wondering if something was going to go down. Does Rafe find his soulmate in this book? I am not sure hopefully some of the spins off involve him.
Meg really annoyed me in this book and I am usually okay with his character, I think maybe we just saw her true colors. On a side track note, it’s like a baby factory in the Morelli household. I almost had baby fever myself. I hope the next generation will not have to deal with having issues and have a great life.
Mia is very content in this book and happy, I still don’t get how all the Morelli men are so obsessed with her. There needs to be several carbon copies of her!
I loved Carly, although I need to know her story and she needs to come clean! I loved how she turned Vince away from all the crap he was dealing with and actually took the time to figure out what he loved, along with doing normal things in a couple.
I honestly was so sad it ended, you must give me more!!!!!

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