Review: Landslide

Landslide (The South Beach Connection, #1)Landslide by A.R. Hadley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Annie has recently graduated college and is pursuing a photography profession. For the summer she has decided to stay with some family friends in Miami Beach for some relaxation and to start exhibiting her photographs. On the first night her friends throw a party and she meets mysterious Cal Prescott, whose magnetic gaze makes Annie feel things she’s never felt before. Cal isn’t like anyone Annie has ever met before, he’s also about twice her age. The connection between them is fiery and immediate, but will they be able to move on from their past or will this just be a summer fling?

This book gave me lots of reminders to the “Fifty Shades of Gray” series, though it was much better than that. There was the more sexually experienced man with the beautiful ‘innocent’ younger woman, and their sexual encounters seemed somewhat BDSM though not to the extreme by any means. Annie is also a much more complex character than Anastasia, nor does she come off as a naive idiot. I didn’t enjoy the small poems in the book, or the definitions in front of some of the chapters. I felt they took me out of the book and came out a bit pretentious. However, I am interested to see where these characters will go next as the book left me with many more questions than answers. I rated this book a three out of five stars.

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