Review: Worship Me

Worship MeWorship Me by Craig Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s another usual Sunday at St. Paul’s United Church…until Rick returns. He has been missing for three months, leaving behind his wife, Angela, and son. When Rick enters the church after his disappearance he has completely changed. He is scarred all over and his eyes hold no semblance of their formerness, but the congregation is ready to help him anyway they can – expect Angela who is not thrilled to see her husband again. From there things spiral out of control as Rick explains that he has met the real God, and it’s not who they all thought, and now they must sacrifice one child to this new God or else they will all suffer. The congregation’s faith will be tested, but which side will they fall on?

This is a pretty dark book, and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone squeamish. That being said, I enjoyed it. I do think it could be edited down in parts, as I found myself losing interest in parts. I liked that multiple points of view, and especially enjoyed not knowing which characters would be safe – though I was sad when my favorite narrator was gone. The book’s ending was something I never would have guessed! I think with some editing “Worship Me” could be on the bookshelves with your other favorite horror authors! I rated this four out of five stars.

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