Release Day The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone Book Cover The Great Alone
Kristin Hannah
February 6th 2018

What can I possibly say about this story that will do it some justice? I’m downright speechless about this emotionally charged masterpiece.

I’ve read every single story this author has ever written. Let’s be honest I didn’t relate to every one of them but when I love a writing style I stick to it. The Great Alone is one of my most memorable reads to date. It’s does deals with PTSD and domestic violence. What’s great about that? It’s not. It’s the love of a community that comes together in time of need.

Ernt comes back Vietnam to Cora, his wife and daughter Leni when he shouldn’t have. Years of moving around, ever loss of jobs and instability brings them to the Alaskan’s wilderness. It’s a fresh beginning for all of them but little did they know that it could be their worst nightmare. That’s all I’ll say about what it’s about.

This story took my emotions, spun them at tornado speed, twisted them and left me reeling at the end. It’s a raw and powerfully written story. The scenes in Alaska where described so vividly that it felt like I was there. The culture and their way of living felt like so real. The characters emotions latched on my entire being and left me a crying mess. Beautifully written story with an excellent storyline that was set from 1974 to 1986.

Standalone told in the third person with its unique HEA. I strongly encouraged the reading of this story.

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