Review: Watch Me

Watch Me Watch Me by Ada Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an amazing 5 star story, that was so addicting and consuming that I basically read it in one day. Once I started reading it, I just couldn’t seem to want to put it because I needed to see how it would end.

Abby gets an interview as a secretary where her cousin works. She has no idea what kind of works she does, Abby thinks Lacey is a spy. Lawson, her new boss his a cold calculated, cod prick. Imagine Abby’s surprise when she realizes what kind of company she’ll be working for.

I found myself chuckling quite a bit while reading this story. Abby is brutally honest, naive, funny and as no filter what’s so ever. She tells it like it is. Her chaotic life clashes with Lawson’s extremely organized one. Their personality clashed quite a few times. These characters had chemistry in and out of the bedroom. The steamy scenes will leave the readers hot and bothered more than once.

Amazingly written with an original storyline like no other I’ve ever read before. It was funny, sweet, plenty sexy and was even sad at times. Bottom line is I really enjoyed this story from beginning to the end.

Standalone that as a great HEA. I highly recommend this story that is intended for 18+ due to sexual content and some potty mouthed alpha males.


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