Review: El Diablo

El Diablo El Diablo by M. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beginning at a young age, I’ve read at a couple thousand books and maybe more. I’m a great fan of Indie author’s with their amazing stories. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of M. Robinson before last week. They say to never judge a book by its cover but when I saw Dusan Susnjar on the cover of this book, I had never been this glad to be a blogger.

If the readers are looking for a sweet, cute, funny story, they should look elsewhere. The readers need to leave their morals at the door because they are in for a thrilling 6 star story that will blow their minds, because 5 stars is nowhere enough for it. This story was much more than a beautiful cover, trust me. It helped A LOT to imagine the character as Dusan.

I will keep this spoiler free because this is the kind of story that needs to be experienced first hand. Let me just say it’s about Martinez. aka El Diablo who is a feared crime lord.

I basically read this story in a day because it’s highly intriguing, captivating and addicting. From the first page read , I was sucked in, my emotions spinned at tornado speed to come out with an happy ending. There are so many twists and turns that I was reeling from them all. I never saw them coming. The storyline was uniquely executed with perfection. The writing was flawlessly perfect.

I loved the different characters that were perfectly created to fit this story. Although El Diablo gave me whiplash all to often with his conflicted hot and cold emotions. Bottom line I loved this story very much.

This is a standalone told in a dual POV. I strongly recommend reading this story with a much deserved HEA. I’m sure to be looking out for this amazing author in the future.

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