Review: FrostBite – The Hunter Chronicles Book 1

FrostBite  - The Hunter Chronicles Book 1 FrostBite – The Hunter Chronicles Book 1 by Claire Marta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Frostbite: the Hunter Chronicles by Claire Marta is book one in a new series. Jasmine and Twitch are in trouble. Both members of Scotland Yard’s Supernatural team have found themselves in a perilous position. Twitch’s past has come back to bite them both in the rear end. Twitch is a techno mage with a gift for making dangerous weapons. Jasmine is a sensitive with only two months of job training. Being a sensitive means she can detect supernatural creatures, but she has no power over them. So basically, she’s a human with an extra sense.
Marcel, a black market arms dealer, has kidnapped Twitch and Jasmine. Marcel wants Twitch to create more weapons, and he plans on using Jasmine as leverage. Marcel assumes Jasmine is just Twitch’s girlfriend, and in order to persuade Twitch, Jasmine is offered to Pierre, the overenthusiastic muscle. Before Pierre can get his hands on her, Eric steps in.
Luckily for Jasmine, Eric is a freelance agent trying to bring down the mastermind behind Marcel’s operation. Eric is a true-born vampire, a man cold as ice, no-nonsense agent that never lets his emotions get involved, but there is something about Jasmine that he can’t resist. Eric risks everything when he decides to help Jasmine and Twitch escape.
Unfortunately for Twitch, that escape is short lived. He is recaptured. Jasmine is now forced to work with Eric in order to rescue her partner and save the world from a horrible neural toxin bomb. This book is a fast paced read. It is filled with action, deception, and lust.
I could not put this book down. I really enjoyed the tension and frustration between Jasmine and Eric. Five Stars.

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